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Hey guys!

Well my last cabinet build was so much fun and soooo easy, i want to do something the same but slightly different. With a head amp. so i've been doing research on which amp to get and how i would do it but ive had trouble deciding which one to do. I've narrowed it down a little:

1. Orange Tiny Terror: Add a frame and tolex it and make matching 1x12 (or 10) cabs
2. Peavey 6505+ combo amp: renovate it into a head amp
3. Peavey Valveking head amp: make a new frame and put electronics in to make a new head.

I'd love to do the 6505+ one but it might be difficult and i dont want to mess it up. I do have a Line 6 Spider 30 watt amp hanging around i could test this on. but this might not happen right away due this can get expensive.

Please give your ideas!
buy a female 1/4" jack and atach it to the wires going to the speaker.
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Either this thread is dead or nobody knows the answer. well my hypothesis is that since there was a four ohm speaker in there i can use two eight ohm's wired in parallel (i think) will get me 4 ohm's am i correct?

Yes, 2 - 8 ohm speakers in parallel will get you 4 ohms.

As far as watts are concerned just make sure the rating of the speakers combined is equal to or more than the amps output.
ok a good day of work done and here's what i have so far:

so far so good and i dont think anything i have to fix at the moment. gee thats a first

Im having trouble deciding what tolex i should get. I have yellow, white, blue sparkle, dark green, or purple. i like doing things no one really does this will have black hardware obviously. and i want to try doing a dimeplate grill
Shoulds you put the casters on last? after the tolex?
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My head and cab have been all of thous colors except blue.

I'd definitely go with some obnoxious
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alright i got a wiring question. since my amp will take 4 ohm's i can use anything higher than 4 ohms. so that means i will be able to use this as either a full stack or a half stack am i right? also how will i wire this? i havent done full stack before so do i run each speaker cable to the head or can i run one speaker cable to another speaker cable and run both of those to the head?
Not sure if you can fit two 4 ohm cabinets, if they are both connected to the head that probably connects them in parallel, which makes the impedance of the whole thing 2 ohms and it'll burn out your amp.

If you want a two cab setup, you should make the cabs 8 ohms total. I.E. a two speaker cab with two 4 ohm speakers wired in series.
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That one is entirely up to you, as long as the total impedance is 4 ohms or higher. I'm thinking the both cabs to head solution is a bit more robust, because if the cable on the first cab craps out on you, in the daisy chain setup (amp to cab1 to cab2) you'll lose all sound where in the both-cabs-to-head setup you'll still be left with the bottom one.

That's probably not that critical though, those cables don't really move around so I think there isn't a big chance of them breaking.

Hope I'm being helpful
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Try getting a hold of a two output amp and opening it up to see what's inside?

EDIT: Looking at this JCM 800 schematic, the outputs are just two parallel jacks.
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ok im a noobie at electronics so all that means nothing to me all i know is i have two plugs in my amp that went to the speaker. i could try cutting them and ataching another wire to each end and connect it to another output jack. that might be sketchy
You have two plugs? Like spade connectors or 1/4" jacks? If they're jacks then just plug the two cabs in and call it a day. If it's just the spade connectors wire it like this:

The jack on the right is a shorting jack, notice how the thingy shorts to the tip until you plug a jack in. It is important that the first jack (speaker a) is isolated from the ground. Meaning, do not mount it in the steel chassis of your amp head unless it's a plastic jack or it has a bunch of plastic or something isolating it. Otherwise the second speaker out will not work (it'll be shorted).
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I'd just daisy chain the cabs together. Running one cable to the head. The chances of one cable failing and you losing both cabs as someone mentioned is highly unlikely. Especially with decent cables.

But.... If you really want to have 2 outputs you can wire 2 jacks in parallel. Like this -
hey guys.

first off i got a question. i wired my head output jacks in parallel i think. it doesnt work. but it might just be me because i drilled the hole for the second jack really close to the other so it's just barely touching. think thats the problem but here's what it looks like.

while im here:

the joint reeeaaallly sticks out. my mind must have gone blank cuz i didnt do it on the bottom like i planned.
help me out guys. i need some liftin up
man six posts in a row! heres an update!
guess whats different?

looks good! so now all i have to do is make a frame for the cabs for grills, cut down the backs for tolex, fix cab #2, tolex cab #2, and logos which a friend of mine is designing.
Dude, that rocks. I like the purple as well.
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