I have a problem with my current guitar setup. Its a Kramer Striker 100st with a Duncan Performer invader in it. I swap pick ups all the time and this time is noisier. Every time the pick up sends out a signal there is this almost over powering hum or hiss that goes with every note. very annoying.
Any fix or suggestions? Should i check my solder joints? could it be from not soldering the end of the bare wire just in the middle?
Noise Gate will fix that in a jiffy. It could also be from a high amount of gain on your amp or a crappy soldering job. If you have bare wires touching each other, cover them with electric tape. No matter what its from, a noise gate will cut that crap right out. I use an MXR Smart Gate and it works beautifully at high gain and high volumes.
I Use a Digitech Rp155 multi FX pedal and i use the noise gate on it. Not the best but it works. Maybe a real noise gate wouldnt let it slip by? And thanks ill try to find some Electrical tape and tape over my crappy solders