I'm learning Accoustic guitar, I'm using my sisters guitar, which she hasn't picked up in months. So obviously it needs new strings, but what I was wondering is, is it normal for beginners to have trouble getting notes out when you hold down a fret (they play easily with no frets pressed, but they sound off or bad when I hold down a fret and play. Is it the 'rusty' strings?

Also, I'm trying to learn a song for a talent show , auditions are , hopefully late February.
Would it be faaster/easier to learn it by chords or by tab?

Thank you for your help!
Yes it's normal, just take it slow and work at it. Although, if the strings are physically rusty, you definitely need a net set.

With regard to the talent show, what's the song?
It takes a bit of time and persistence to build up strength and flexibility needed to play guitar.It is most likely the reason so many people give up abruptly.I have been at it for over 30 years,and am currently trying get some new (to me) jazz chords under my fingers.You may want to try nylon strings.They will be easier to start with.As you progress,you will most likely want go back to steel.
Thank you for the advice,

The song is Ichiban no Takaramono, Yui version (Although I'm going to sing Karuta version XD)

Why do you ask?
I would change the strings just so the notes that play are truer to what they really sound like. Everything you hear is going into your subconscious and being able to identify where notes are is a valuable skill.
Is it a decent'ish guitar? I once picked up a mates guitar that he bought from Argos and it was so cheap and nasty I had trouble fretting a note and ive been playing for a few years now. Sometimes cheapo guitars just arent playable, for reasons like the strings are miles from the fretboard?!
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OK, so, which do you people prefer, chords or tabs?

Chords and tabs are completely different things. Tabs are what you want. Chords are what you will hopefully be playing.