Stumbled across this while searching for some semi-hollows

Tokai ES 155 for $2.37....

So I'm wondering out of pure curiosity, if someone were to buy this guitar and it was advertised at this ridiculously low price (surely an unseen typo) would the company be required to give you the guitar? Or would they just refund your money?

I'm just curious if anybody has been in such a situation
Not too familiar with Aussie law, but in many US states, a mistake like that (assuming it was one, and not some kind of special promotion or limited offer) has to be honored only if 1) it ges processed and 2) you can prove you were not aware it was a mistake.

If its a special promo, they probably have to honor it, even if you wouldn't normally qualify (like if it was for a limited time, but they forgot to change the price back).
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in the US near every online company puts somewhere in the print that they are not responsible for typographical errors. which then they would just change it.

the only time it ever worked for me was when MF had a 20% off sale, and they forgot to exclude e-gift certificates. so i bought $1000 in an E certificate for $800 and bought it all with an additional 20%. so i paid $640 for the $1000 i got it. they caught it like the second day, but i was in.
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I'm not really interested in buying it since I'm in Minnesota and I'm sure shipping and customs would be outrageous. I just happened to stumble on the site somehow and was curious as to how a company would handle a situation such as this.

But if anyone in Australia wants to take a go at it, feel free! (Then let us know what happens ha)
I'm in Melbourne, so I'll give this a go.

Free guitar or not ? Stay tuned.


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I'm gonna take a stab and say no one's going to be getting a Tokai for $2.37.
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I know there are laws supporting the purchaser in this sort of thing, but I don't know how international they are.

I know that several years ago when I bought my acoustic guitar I got a good deal because of an error on the description - Crafter had mistakenly described one of their acoustics as an electrocoustic. I can't remember the exact prices now, but I think I paid about £200 for the guitar I ordered, which I obviously sent back and had replaced by an electrocoustic that should have cost about £350.
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the guys emailed me back, telling me no. so close


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