Hey guys I'm looking for a place to buy (or if someone on here can make me one that would be awesome....will need to see a bit of a reputation, I've been ripped off a few times in the way of sending via paypal before the product was recieved....) I need a pickguard for an Ibanez RG7321, flat black, single bridge pickup with a tone and volume. nothing else. If anybody can give me some help or point me in the right direction thatd be awesome!
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Well, thanks for confirming you know absolutely nothing about PRS guitars.
You could buy pickguard material and cut your own!
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Those things are all over e-bay:


The guy advertising them - perleguitars001 - is mentioned a number of times on the sevenstring.org forum, so he's probably one of the better people to talk to about a pickguard for your Ibanez; assuming you don't want to get a blank and try making one yourself.
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