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So I'm doing a guitar makeover thing, question about the nut, this was a used guitar and I think whoever put on the last nut (not sure if it was stock or not) used some strong glue, so when i popped off the nut teeny tiny bits of wood came with it, nothing major, two small chips i was able to glue back but will there be any negative effects because of this? this is just on the very top edge, not even halfway down the ridge. Am I right in thinking it'll be just fine? I don't see why it would affect the nut and the playability but I'm just making sure
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Nah you should be fine. Chipout happens and gluing the chips back in / filling with glue and wood dust is the standard way to sort it. I just refreted an old neck that had dried out quite badly and pretty much 50% of the frets chipped out badly. It took a long time to rectify the damage but the end result was just fine.

TL;DR You have nothing to worry about.
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A little plastic wood (emphasis: a LITTLE!) and you'll be good to go. A tiny chip or two isn't going to weaken the headstock or the neck, and the plastic wood will restore the integrity of the damaged section.

You have nothing to worry about.
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