I'm not really new to UG, as I'm always on here getting tabs, but I'm new to the forums.

I figure I'll just tell everyone what music I'm into and what I play.

Alright, so I listen to most Thrash Metal, Black, Death, Alternative Rock, Hardcore, and Indie (strange combination, huh?).

I play ThrashDeath with my garage band, Sickle. We haven't really made a name for ourselves and we're not yet a year in.

So..yeah, that's about it. Glad to be part of the UG community
Welcome to the UG forums

Hope you enjoy your time here and if you haven't already you should post some of your garage thrashdeath for all of us to enjoy
My Guitars:
Epiphone Flying V
Westfield SG
Laney Lc15110 230 G Tube Combo 15W
Presonus Audiobox USB

check out http://soundcloud.com/
We've got plenty of material, we just haven't recorded anything (we're working on that. We have a friend who owns his own recording booth so we plan on getting some stuff recorded real soon).

And I'm honestly not sure how I missed the first post O.O

Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome XD I can see I'm going to enjoy it here!