Hey, I have an Ibanez RG 471AH with the stock INF pickups. I’ve got arthritis in my hand and wrist, so I picked the RG for the super thin neck. I don’t really like the metal tone though, so I’m looking to change out the pickups. I’ve only been playing a year and have no idea where to start, when looking at pickups. There are an overwhelming amount of choices.

This is the guitar I have:


These are the styles of music I like:

The White Stripes:

Modest Mouse:

The Black Keys:


I have a Big Muff Pi and a Crybaby Wah pedal, and a low watt Vox tube amp (just for bedroom play) to help with the White Stripes stuff.

I would really appreciate help finding what pickups I should get.
I'd say look at some Duncans.

You pretty much couldn't go wrong with a JB in the bridge. The Jazz would be a great neck pickup.

Those would be a good pickup combination, and very versatile.
They aren't incredibly high output pickups. I'd recommend just turning the volume down a bit, and turning the gain down on your amp. Maybe turn the tone down a bit too, too make your tone warmer. You'd save yourself money this way
what amp do you have, because if its not a decent valve amp you're not going to be improving your tone. You won't notice the difference with a pickup change if you have a solid state practice amp
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It sounds like it may not be worth it to switch them all out. What do you think about this pickup in the middle? http://www.guitarcenter.com/Seymour-Duncan-SSL-1-Vintage-Staggered-Guitar-Pickup-100733518-i1127446.gc#customer-reviews

Would that work between the inf1 and inf2?

If I wanted to change the single coil or bridge, what would my options be?
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Well you can never go wrong with the usual Duncan JB/Jazz combination... Pearly Gates are also quite nice.

However, for basswood guitars I've always preferred Dimarzio over Duncan. Check out their vintage and medium output humbuckers. The PAF pro or the Anniversary PAF might be suitable.

Just bear in mind that while basswood is a fairly even sounding tonewood but it does tend to bring more mids and less bass, so it's a good idea to bear that in mind when choosing.
To be honest for those bands I reckon a dimarzio super distortion would work a treat for those fuzzy electrocuted kitten type noises...high output but a fairly open voicing, the stock INFs can sound a bit muffled and lacking in dynamics. Neck pickup isn't so much of a concern but something like an air classic might be nice, or possibly a Breed if you want something nice and beefy for more Gibson-esque tones.

The JB would just be completely wrong.
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