Ive listened to Between The Buried and Me for a while and I love the band. But I want something to unwind to, just fall asleep to. And Im looking for something along the lines of 3:58 - to the end. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19UZd_DKs2Q Any ideas or tips on some good bands/songs to listen to. Any input at all would be appreciated. Thanks.

Also I have already heard of Explosions In The Sky. They are alright but Im not a huge fan. I would even be interested in something along the lines of Agalloch-ish music.

Maybe Scale the Summit - the great plains. Instrumental stuff. great guitars.

also being a fan of metal I'm sure you've listened to Opeth's Damnation album but if you haven't then do it!!!
I've got a couple-
Scale the Summit
Explosions in the Sky
Sithu Aye

They're not 100% chill, but they've got a lot of chill songs.
I don't know about everybody else but 3:58-5:20ish made me think: some Pat Metheny or Al Di Meola?

Not similar to Agalloch, but definitely chill and melodic