First of all, bumping is not allowed on this forum so.... STOP IT.

I don't really know what you were trying to do with this piece and that's what makes this a bit of a guessing game for me. Maybe you were just trying out some strange measure trickery? D:

Well, it all sounds bloody amazing what comes to tunes etc. I don't know how to do that so... kudos. I especially enjoyed all the talking and ambient noises in the background. Really liven up the track.

Compositionwise... it sounds... nice. I wouldn't go searching for this song but if I heard it playing I'd go: "hey this sounds cool!" But there's not really anything going on. You said you might turn this into something bigger... PLEASE DO! Because it really needs something. This is very atmospheric music and there's a nice drive to it that you accomplished with that exquisite mixing and tones. BUT there isn't really a signature to this. That drive gives this some character, but it needs more. Definately some more character!

But it's a good start. This could be an amazing B part of some song. Good job.

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