So ive had this guitar for about 3 weeks now and it's had an annoying buzz, but I just figured due to weather changes right? So I finally decided to bring it in to my guitar tech and the first thing he asks is if its under warranty....apparently the neck has an upcurve at the upper frets....he said this is a manufacture defect and unfixable D: So I'm sending it back today (no charges to me (: )

While I love this guitar, its not the first time I have had major issues with schecter necks.....can they not handle cold weather or are they just poorly made maybe.....?

Im just lookin for peoples thoughts/opinions on schecters or this guitar. I really love everything about this guitar, but I need a dependable one.....would I be better off with a low end PRS or something or should I get this one again?
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this will be the first winter my new schecter will go through. if i run into any problems, i'll let you know.

My C1+ has stood up for 2 winters now with continuous gigging. soooo :/
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Its pointless to judge a whole brand on just one guitar. Some guitars just aren't manufactured quite right, it happens to even the best of the best.
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Quote by Axelfox
ive had my C1 for 4 years now without any problems other than the pickups getting fried but that was my fault...lol
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Got a C1 FR, nary a problem.

You just got a lemon (and G_D hates Synyster Gates)...
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I've had a C-1 since 2005 and have not had one single problem with it.
All companies make guitars using the same machines/process, so it wouldn't be fair to write one of based on one bad experience, you just had back luck. I just bought a Schecter and when I set action where I like it, the 18th fret was dead. I raised it up a little and the note sounds fine but there is still and hint of deadness. Although I think the truss rod is a little tight I just haven't got round to loosening it. I thought about sending it back but it seemed too much bother.
If your tech says it was a manufacturing defect, its probably a manufacturing defect, not something that happened because of cold weather.
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I kept my Omen-7 in my unfinished garage all through the Winter last year and nothing bad happened.
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If it makes you feel any better, I've had the same Schecter for 4 years, and i have never had a problem with anything on it other that what I've stupidly caused (stripped the saddle screw to my d string somehow... hahaha)
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These posts are really reassuring. Since I love that guitar so much, I'm gonna assume it was a lemon then and get a new one. Thanks for the comments guys!
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I also have just recently brought a synester gates special and ive had no issues with it i have customised it a little by putting grover rotomatic 18.1 tuners on instead of the schecter made ones and also replaced the block in the tremelo with a brass one and rplaced the arm on the trem too not that there were any issues with any of it tuners and trem were fine just did it for my own sake as its what i wanted(were all different) but i use this guitar as my workhorse and it handles everything i can throw at it i would say you just got a lemon mate and i would definatly recommend getting another one


I bought my Schecter C-1 Classic almost 8 years ago now and it's still holding up strong as ever. That includes many drops, more gigs than I can count, and lots of travel. The only things that have gone wrong are: The input needed soldering after ~5 years, and the bridge has lost almost all of it's finish along the top from so much palm muting.

Don't be scared off by one defect. It happens to every company. Like my Les Paul Special that came from the factory with uneven frets.
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