I was gonna get a hollow body guitar, but I decided to jump the gun and go ahead and save a little more $$$ and buy my dream guitar.I listen to grunge and alternative rock so yo can see where the JM comes in.

I play a strat(squier!?! ) so definitely want something more of a kick, but also smooth sounding. Being as I've never played nor picked up a JM, hopefully I can find one @ a near by town.

A Few questions. I have read that the frets are wider than your usual fender guitar, true? What's the differences between the Classic Player & '62?Do JM have a strong buzzing sound because of the bridge?
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You can get the Squier VM Jazzmaster instead for $299. Excellent quality, squier's really upped their game the past few years. I have a Squier CV 50's tele and it out play the mexican fenders no contest and I've tried the VM jazzy and it's up in that same type of quality.
I'm a proud Jazzmaster player and owner.

Classic Player has enhanced bridge,supposedly to improve tuning and a little bit hotter pick-ups. 62AVRI is just...a classic JM.
Jazzmasters by definition are mellow guitars-perfect for doing fast chord work high up on neck. But it can rock hard. You real MUST try Jazzmasters to understand them,some hate it some love them.
Check out that Squier too.
I played a Squier Jaguar recently and it weighed an absolute tonne. I'm not sure if the JMs would be the same, but just be warned..

The Classic Player series are made in Japan (but I think you can also get some Mexican ones, so your might want to check with whoever you'd be buying from), the '62 is made in America. Remember that a lot of people think that Japanese Fenders are superior to American, but the '62 is designed to be a higher grade instrument. The '62 has a bit more attention to detail and might look a little bit better because of the finishes they use on it (but of course that all depends on your personal judgement anyway)

If I were you, I'd get the Classic Player, and change the pickups in it. That's the only real fault I can see in the entire Classic Player series; they have fairly crappy pickups across the board.
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