Recently, i have gotten heavily into jazz and I've actually gotten decent at playing it. My problem is that i want a jazz guitar, i currently play on a strat, which i love to death, but i want another guitar for more jazzy tones. My budget is about 1000$ US. I have no idea where to start though :/. I was thinking semi hollow but I'm open to hollow body's too
Check out some D'Angelicos. They used to be a boutique, all custom made brand made in NYC but they started making the newer guitars in Korea quite a while ago. The quality is still amazing, though. I found out about them through a friend who bought one in NYC for $2000. I loved playing his (it seemed totally worth the money and everything I would expect out of a guitar in that range) so I went home and did some research. It turns out that except for a few that are still custom made in NY, (not the one he had) they're going brand new for between $800 and $1200 depending on the model! Needless to say, my friend was very upset but I was very happy. I'm potentially gonna pick one of these up (probably the 335-ish model) for myself. They have both full hollow and semis available.

The guitar I play the most jazz on currently could also fall in your price range. It's a Gretsch G5120 modded with a SD Seth Lover in the neck, a TV Jones Classic in the bridge, Sperzel tuners, and a TruArc bridge. Thing is a beast! If you really just want a classic jazz tone and don't care about getting other sounds, all you have to do is put a PAF style humbucker in the neck. If you go this route I highly suggest the TruArc bridge; it feels like a totally different guitar now (in a good way).
Thanks for the reply . Yeah i checked out the D"angelicas,they look pretty great haha, i might just go with that, do you think they can capture like some indies tones? Think two door cinema club/delta spirit
Well I usually associate indie with single coils (I'm not familiar with the bands you listed) but the semi-hollow models are very similar to a Gibson ES-335, which is one of the most versatile guitars around.
Pretty much all of Two Door Cinema Club's rhythm guitar is played on a Gretsch. However I don't think that they'd be that suited to jazz. If I were you I'd be looking at some Epiphone semi-hollows, like the Sheraton, or possibly even the Casino (which is fully hollow and has P90 pickups which can sound very jazzy)
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I went through a jazz phase about a year ago and wanted a full hollow body jazz box. My budget was about the same as yours. I tried various Epiphones, Ibanez, Hagstrom, and Gretsch, and ended up buying this Washburn J-7. It has a solid spruce top, so sounded bigger and better unplugged than any of the others. Even though I don't play a whole lot of jazz lately, it is still one of my favorite guitars... It is quite versatile. Cleans that come pretty close to an acoustic sound, and can drive some pretty good crunch as well. I paid $800 for mine. Washburn also makes a J-6 and J-9 which are quite similar. I think they have maple laminated tops (which most hollow bodies use.... even high end ones).

You should definitely check out some of better Ibanez.... those with Super 58 pickups.