Having bought my Burny LP I now need a new amp. I set myself a goal of getting something valve driven but it's going to be low volume for bedroom and at the very most, jamming with mates.
Due to this I think I'm going to go for a solid state BUT there's been a lot of change since I last bought my Gorilla 20r when I was 16.
Do the amps with built in effects have any quality to them? I was looking at Roland Cubes and Fender G-Dec / Mustang II there's a VOx too.
I'm open to suggestions and advice and, like buying my guitar, I will, of course, be trying all before buying, I just want to narrow the field.
what tone are you looking for, whats your budget like. i like the cubes but really any of those amps like that would be fine, a lot of people like the peavey vyprs but i've never used one so i don't know what they're like first hand. i've heard good things about the fender mustangs as well
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Quote by CaptainAmerican
I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
I'm going for (UK)£200.00, possibly with an extra fifty if the wife buckles!, I play a lot of NWOBHM but also like a bluesy overdrive, the Gorilla sucks all tone and spits out cack.
I used to have a Vox VT & it was good at most things, but was best at bluesy crunch through to a classic rock sound. For heavier stuff the Vypyr has the best rep, the Fender for cleans.

The best thing you could do is to tour round a few shops & try all the options - don't just limit yourself to modelling amps either, make sure you try out a few tube amps so you know for sure that you're getting the right amp for you.
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