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I think As I Lay Dying and Bullet for my Valentine are very much equal in their breakdowns in balance with their guitar solos.

I personally prefer prog metal, but of course, it's all personal preference.
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well TS certainly had his jimmies rustled.

go for the 6505 though.
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^ well compared to the 6505 I suppose they do, but they aren't what I'd describe as awesome.

If you don't only play metalcore, you should definitely look out for a 5150 combo. they are more versatile in my opinion and I like the crunchy, thrashy tone of the 5150 over the all out metal of the 6505.

Please disregard the joke posts, some people just like to be popular and don't realize they're making asses of themselves. (no offense to anyone...but you should feel bad).

many people on this site are genuinely helpful.

You realize that they are the same amp, don't you????
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You realize that they are the same amp, don't you????

The 6505 is wat peavey renamed the 5150 after EVH left their endorsement deal. EVH has always owned the rights to the 5150 name. But the 6505 is the exact same as the 5150 the same goes for the 5150 II is the 6505+.
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Its not really variety if every single other band in the genre also does it. Isn't C standard only like 4 semitones down regardless?
I would enjoy core music far more if it was less rhythm driven and more content driven, maybe a guitar solo as opposed to a "breakdown". Though I really like some of the ambient synth that you hear in this sort of music, and the guitar doesn't gnaw at me too much. What really gets me is the screaming, I would enjoy it far more if it didn't hurt my ears to the extent that it does, and this is coming from the guy who used to play with the treble and gain dimed with a shrill distortion in front of that. Though I do appreciate the talents associated with the genre, the "breakdowns" do require talent with strumming patterns, unless I've been doing it all wrong and the screaming is actually not too much for me if it is done right.

This here I understand whole-heartedly, I leave my acoustic in B standard because I want to start bass playing, but I still am yet to buy my first tube amp that I am lusting after, so I continue to wait.

That makes a HUGE difference on feel and sound sir! I've been playing on Dropped C and 1 step down tuning since ages and it fits many genres, not just core and metal. That extra bass is so tasty...

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As far as tuning goes, all that really matters is to play in a tuning that feels right to you. It has no dictation on heaviness - Lamb of God plays in regular drop D, yet their album Sacrament is dark and heavy as ****. It's basically just phrasing etc.. That determines heaviness. On the flip side to LoG, a lot of pop punk is in C std or around there. Doesn't sound heavy at all.

For my solo work (prog death), I use C std, solely because that is a tuning I personally resonate with and love writing/working in. With my band (thrash/prog/djent/ish) we use D std & Drop C.

TL;DR it doesn't really matter. Stop complaining about tunings one way or another.

As for something actually relevant, the 6505+ is way more versatile than the 5150/6505 because of the separate EQs. No idea what that guy was smoking who said the opposite.

And on another note, the Ultra is passable replacement for the 5150, the Ultra Plus not so much. At least from what I've actually heard from the amps, the Plus isn't anywhere near as brutal as the regular Ultra.

As far as Peavey high gainers go, for metalcore I'd rank them 6505+ > 5150 > Ultra > JSX > XXX > Ultra Plus
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Sell your amp and pedals, get a used Peavey 6505+ 112 combo, a Digitech Bad Monkey and an MXR 10 Band.

Instant metalcore.

Do this! I prefer a TS-9 but this is still a very good shout.
Quote by Offworld92
Sell your amp and pedals, get a used Peavey 6505+ 112 combo, a Digitech Bad Monkey and an MXR 10 Band.

Instant metalcore.

this should've been /thread
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