...and justice for both dishes
on this scale where we’re trying
to outweigh an obese leech
and the world’s advocate.

I’m the millstone on your neck,
with my nails carved on your back,
burdening your mind
set on a comeback you planned
on sharing with me. We’ve been
taking turns in getting fat,
climbing back to the bottom
as you slowly blur a past
behind a frosted glass.
And I’m constantly there,
placing stalagmites on your path;
pulling you around as if you’re elastic;
making you sweat to kill my stasis;
leaving through you as you live through me.

But I’m the first to amputate your limbs if you run too ahead;
I’m the first to make you unwillingly face what you dread;
I’m the first to nail your head to hang the picture of my muse
and the first to blackmail you, in case you refuse.
But I keep spoiling you with honest sweetness
for a glimpse of your healing smile.

What if I’m grateful,
still all my thoughts stream on a hateful echo through my mind?

All my uncertainties overflow
the platters of the leech’s meal,
and you and me will keep carrying its sedan chair
you let go.

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i dont think scattered is the right word... something about it felt a little uneasy but that may just be where my heads at. i dont know that im really getting the leech metaphor...a little explanation would be nice if thats ok
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Well, It's nice but I can't catch your mind in this text. What was the main purpose of writing this song text?
holy shit. keep on keeping on, man. this might be the best thing i've read from you.
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