Hey guys and gals

I;m looking for a new amp, less than $1000 CAD, powerful enough for live shows, with kick ass distortion and preferably all valve any suggestions? right now i found 2 good options Marshall Haze 40 and Marshall DSL 401, both combo amps all valve.

DSL's dude,

The Haze series sound like ass.

This is coming from a guys who's buying a DSL in the near future.
I didn't like the Haze's drive, but the DSL is always a classic option. Some other choices that come to mind would be Jet City and Blackstar. The H&K Switchblade is super versatile; I wasn't a big fan personally but I know others who've gotten great results with it. Depending on what sound you're going for you might want to consider the Peavey 5150/6505. I like the Orange Dual Terror if you can get both it and a cab used. Laney makes good stuff but are pretty much nowhere to be found in Canada. Good luck.
Traynor YVC50 hands down, especially seeing as you're in Canada
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