these are songs that I wrote for fun...

critics or compliments are welcome...

one is an instrumental metal song, and for the other song, its supposed to have a vocal, but I haven't create the lyric yet.

advices for song improvement are also welcome, I could use those advices to add my musical knowledge too...
My songs.zip
First song is decent thrash, with good solo's. Main problem is that the chord progressions are insanely bland. Try something a bit more progressive. The sudden black/death metal shift near the end was a nice surprise, keep that. But yeah, work out a more epic chord progression.

Second song, main intro's a bit of an uninteresting slog, but it really gets good at bar 22. Very good riffs throughout, and some insteresting diminished bits and bobs. Again, the key/scale/chord progression is just a bit bland, and you use the same one from the other song during the bridge on this one, which isn't a good idea.

Think of something like this at 1:33 where it shifts from D#5 to Dsus2 (I think), but in a descending pattern and continues in the tremelo picking.


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