Long and skinny, been playing mostly electric, a little acoustic and bass on the side for 3 years now, and i've actually been really proud how far i got. i mean i'm no superstar (i play punk, so judge, but judge silently) but i've played lived and gotten pain for it, taken a hollow body to hostels and done 40 people sing alongs and i've done a few of the things i really though impossible 3 years ago.
I'm having alot of trouble finding my next step, im still playing everyday, but im playing the same old tunes i know, branched out from punk, to abit of early metallica, a little classic but i'm not really improving as much.
I've played with what i consider some very good guitarists who seem so natural and can ace something astoundingly hard and seem to not even be trying.
sorry i babble, being stoned will do that, but i jsut want some advice where to go next, and how to make that next step up and really back my playing.

ANY SUGGESTIONS HELPFUL, and if u wanna be a smart ass and make shitty useless comments, do it, i get a laugh out of it and everyone else thinks your dumb.
peace and love xx
Consider stepping outside your box: go buy a book of songs from a variety of artists and start learning some. I took lessons for about 18 months with a guy who was a gigging musician. He taught me things I wanted to learn and stuff I hadn't even considered.

By the end of my time with him, I had learned tunes in metal, punk, classic rock, surf, prog, classical, C&W, hard rock and a few other genres. Because of this, I continued learning a smattering of jazz, Latin genres, reggae etc.

Which means that I can do things like drop a bit of surf feel in a salsa tune if I feel like it.

Another way to get out of the rut is to join a guitar circle. That's just a bunch of people sitting around in a circle with acoustic guitars, teaching one another songs they like to play. (I just joined a new one at my church.)
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