I have been playing guitar since April 2009 and I am completely self taught. Most of the time I love, listen to and play hard rock, heavy metal and thrash metal music, although sometimes I am in the mood for other genres as well, such as alternative rock, blues music, jazz, funk, etc. My favorite bands would be Metallica, Guns N' Roses, Megadeth, Alter Bridge, Running Wild, Kreator, Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy, Scorpions, White Lion, Accept, Slash & Myles Kennedy, Skid Row, etc (to give you an idea of what I prefer).

Well, lately I'm suffering from (hopefully temporary) loss of guitar motivation (to play/practice) and I am doing what most people suggest to me: stay away from guitar for a while. During this time I am trying to "expand" myself musically, listen to as much new music as I can.

Blues is one music genre I would love to explore and eventually play. I listened to Stevie Ray Vaughn and liked some of this songs (e.g, Pride and Joy, Texas Flood) and I am enjoying songs from Eric Clapton as well.

What are some other great Blues guitar players or blues-based rock/classic rock bands I should listen to? I would prefer if they are not "too-old" or from too early times. It would also be great if I can find tabs for their songs to learn, since I haven't much begun to play songs by ear... yet.

Also, I like songs "with substance" and "full parts", not several seconds silence... then a note played... bent... then silence again, etc etc, as was the case with some Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd songs I heard before. I don't like those kind of music.

It's pretty impossible to get acquainted with the blues with those parameters.
I'm not that familiar with newer guys on the blues scene, but I can recommend looking at the Crossroads Guitar Festival and see if any of the players speak to you. I found this too.
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So you want blues without spaces in between notes? You won't find any good blues that way.
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I'm not a big blues guy, beyond having a Pandora station based on Pride and Joy, but some tracks to check out might be
Good Times Bad Times, Whole Lotta Love, or Ramble On by Led Zep.
Time by Pink Floyd (You must have been listening to some of the weird Pink Floyd, Money is also amazing. )
Life by the Drop by SRV is great but maybe not what you're looking for.
Tipitina is an INCREDIBLE song by Hugh Laurie, a cover of a Professor Longhair song. No guitar really, but really worth a listen.

Best advice would really be to start up a Pandora station and gear it towards the Blues.

If you haven't heard it, you have to listen to it dude. The solos are unbelievable.

EDIT: In addition, Gimme Shelter and Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones are both great. Obviously most of this stuff is classic rock with blues influences, but it sounds like you'd like that much more than old, authentic blues.
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^^^ If you don't like "pauses" you probably won't like the blues then, as pauses form part of tasteful phrasing in the blues.

However if you conquer this internal struggle, Gary Moore can destroy a lot of the guitarists in the bands you have listed there. He stops sometimes though so you may not like him.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Buy 'Truckin With Albert Collins'. Buy 'BB King - Live At The Regal'. Buy 'The Best Of Stevie Ray Vaughan'.
But an album of delta blues, making sure that it's got some Robert Johnson on it.
In fact, I bought a neat triple compilation album, each disk concerning a different era of the blues, from the original delta/country/gospel guys, to the electric pioneers like Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, to the modern blues rock/blues revival guys. Compilations are good as you get introduced to a bunch of respected artists.
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"i want to learn to play blues"
Quote by zuhairreza
Also, I like songs "with substance" and "full parts", not several seconds silence... then a note played... bent... then silence again

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Thanks for all the helpful answers!

Small pauses and breaks are a part of the Blues, and make up it's style/phrasing. I didn't mean those when I said "(I don't like) ... several seconds silence... then a note played... bent... then silence again, etc etc". I was talking about some classic rock songs (some songs from Led Zeppelin and some from Pink Floyd, among random other songs) which had really long breaks (thus, "empty") and such similar silences, without any musical part being played. Those are the kinds of songs I don't like.

I'll look into all of your recommendations, thanks a bunch!!!
Derek Trucks and Joe Bonamossa are two popular modern blues guys.

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Blues rock
Hendrix. Doors. Led Zep. Pink Floyd. Cream

John Lee Hooker.
Big Bill Broonzy
Lightning Hopkins
Muddy Waters
Robert Johnson

-some of them are pretty old so you may not be ready for them. They are an aquired taste.