I have a crappy voice but am great with instruments. Just wondering what people think about that. Is a good singing voice something that happens naturally, or can one learn to sing good even though his voice sounds bad. I mean obviously I can learn to sing in the correct tuning, but do I have it in me to have a good voice? or should I not even try?
I think if you are able to hit notes correctly in key and such, you can develop your voice and make it sound much better. As for me, I'm vocally tone deaf which is pretty shit lol.
Well Im no singer at all, but Ive been recording guide vocals for various tracks over the last few months. Overall they were about getting the melodies right, not sounding good, however as Ive been going the demos have been sounding better and better to the point they sound better than some of the vocalist I used previously.

So like all things, Practice. Try hitting the notes so your voice gets used to it, then worry about it sounding good
Any of your songs on youtube or vimeo? Post there something from your singing and let people know here about it. You'll get many responses and this will help you decide what to do next.
Depends on what you want from your singing
isn't this in the wrong forum? anyway, now that the topic is made: I used to be able to sing very good, then I had the standard growing older and my voice "mutating", I can still get the keys right (up to a cetain hight, then my voice breaks to a way higher note, it's like I cant reach a certain octave, but can reach the octave that is higher) but it just doesn't really sound good anymore (theres a song from all time low on my profile that proofs it :P)
So you are saying that with training, I could get my voice to sound good again?
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Well, not to toot my own horn, but I have a really nice voice, especially when I get warmed up. But my voice will kind of "betray" me sometimes. I've found that I have to be singing for pure reasons--e.g. for the sake of making beautiful noise, not for the sake of impressing anyone or being better than someone else--if I want to hit the audio sweet spot.

But anyway, I have a couple tips. The first being, listen to a lot of music with vocals you like, and don't be afraid to emulate your favorite vocalists, or to steal aspects of a bunch of singers' styles to cultivate your own. Second, you should be more focused on the pitch than the words. You can learn this by singing nonsense words and paying attention to the melody/the tone of your voice. Finally, be confident. If you think you're bad, you will be. Your voice is unique to you. Let it be something that shines out of you. You're singing from the right place when your voice becomes something that's hard to hold in, instead of something that's hard to let out, you know what I mean? Oh and smoke some weed if you struggle with getting in the zone. It'll help you let go of the idea that you're a "bad" singer and just be your voice.