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A family member gave me a Jackson/Charvel,Model 3 guitar and Jackson case this weekend. I've done some checking by the serial number,and its made in 1986,Japan Import,has a Ft.Worth Tx neck plate(non-USA made) The body and neck/tuners are in good shape for a 26 yr old guitar, but the pickups,pods,5 way switch were all stuck in the body cavity under the pickguard! The 3 pickups have a Jackson USA tag on them,
and the origional Schaller Floyd Tremolo is missing parts. Their are no pickup screws or springs,no pickguard screws of switch mounting screws..90% of the wireing is in tack..
this sums up this old guitar! Heres my questions for the people out here...#1. Whats up with Jackson/Charvel with no new replacement parts of any of their guitars..that makes no sence to me! #2.Where can I get parts..not too sure about buying used parts off ebay
and if they don't work,I'm stuck with do I go for parts?? #3. the origional Schaller Floyd Trem is in bad shape..can I put a Floyd Rose Double Locking Tremolo on this guitar..and will it stay in tune???
I'd like to save this guitar,and put it back into working order..but I need information to help me out and to get this old axe playable once again!
Any info will be very helpful..
Respects..from Texas.
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So long as the route is large enough to fit an OFR then yeah you can put one in, although you may need to widen the holes for the mounting posts. If you do go ahead and put in an OFR you can be damn sure it's gonna stay in tune!! They're excellent trems, absolutely amazing in fact.

As for where to source parts I'd just go with anywhere that sells new parts that you're happy to buy from really. They don't have to come from jackson.

I don't know if jackson usa pickups fro the 80's are any good or not but if what their stock pickups that i've tried before are anything to go by you're probably going to want to change them for something a little more special. Maybe some seymour duncans or EMGs, it's all personal preference there though.
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The info on the OFR trem was great! Thats what I'm going to install into it. The pickups are still in working order,but I've never heard the old guitar sing! I'm going to keep the origional PUs to get it back into working order..and do some checking on the Semour line of PUs. I'm more into vintage then shred..myself.
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Try Stew-Mac. Lots of replacement parts and tools.

They sell good pick-ups. Their own brand is called Golden Age. If you like vintage like you said they would be a quality, inexpensive option for you. I have a set in an Ibanez semi-hollow body and I love them.
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