Hey man, listening now.

First off -- cuts in a bit abruptly... I would consider fading in or writing a transitional part. Listening back, it would appear that certain transitions could be smoother from part to part, but I understand this is a work in progress so no worries. Not a big deal.

As far as what you are actually playing, I like it, but I can hear some noise in the background from your guitar. You are using a lot of distortion on that puppy so it's bound to happen, but if you have a noise gate you can fix that. There are also a number of exercises that can help you improve your muting, but I think you are OK because I don't notice this aside from the section you open the song on.

The riff you play at 0:45 is quite awesome. After you repeat it a few times, I would consider dubbing in a second guitar that is harmonizing either the whole line, or maybe just parts of the line like the note you change at the end of the line. Don't get me wrong, that melody is plenty interesting as is, but repeating an idea with an added harmony later is one of the many strategies you can use to get more mileage out of a cool idea. A perfect time for this idea would be at the end of the song - you fade out on this idea, adding the harmonies at that point would sound really cool.

As far as the drums... I think you've got a loop in the background covering that. It works, but I would recommend composing your drums in Guitar Pro, exporting them as a midi, then running the midi through a sampler like Superior Drummer or EZDrummer so you can write your own drums instead of rely on what other people have written.

Overall, I liked the song, you've got something good here, just keep building on it and polishing it.
hey Stone thanks for the critique, n about that harmony thing yea I was actually thinking about that , the reason I didnt add it was because I had a harder time tryng to do that riff at a higher part of the fret board as smoothe as I was able to on the lower octave

also didnt know you could compose drums on guitar pro is that free? am also thinking about buying Superior drummer or EzDrummer but my only concern was could I adjust the tempo of a drum pattern on either of those softwares? that will prolly determine my decision
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