Dear tabbers,

I've been trying to figure out the song Clog by Denis Jones. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-FA3BD7QMQ&feature=related

I've got nearly all of it down except for the slightly dissonant sounding chord which reoccurs after the pentatonic diddle. (0:52-0:55)

You can see a glimpse of his left hand later but he must be using a different tuning or something considering it doesn't seem to sound at all in standard.

So if anyone could figure out the one chord I'd appreciate it very much!
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Just from listening,
I would say this is in Bmin, I think the chord you are talking about must be ~Bdim / Bmb5 / Bm7b5
so some arrangement of B D F (A) (B) I like the extra root because it makes it more 'Bmb5' than just Bdim.
I think the next chord is F#m. If I'm in the wrong key the Numerals still apply.