I was going to say... Snarkleberry? I've heard that before. That is made more apparent once I actually hear your music, which definitely has a pretty distinct style to it. By the way, how did you get that snare roll to sound so excellent at the beginning? I use Superior Drummer and it still doesn't sound that awesome.

Love the fast legato lines as well. Overall production quality on par with the last one you wrote I listened to, which is to say very professional sounding.

Love the harmonized guitars after the part with stabbing chords I noted on the actual sound cloud. One thing I like about your music is that you do a good job changing up the emotions throughout the song which is what makes it feel like your music actually went somewhere and gives it its epic feel. I am sure you are already aware of this but I thought I would point it out just in case.

The transition into and the breakdown at 2:38 are fantastic man, great way to bring the song to a close.

Overall, excellent and highly enjoyable listen, just like the last one I heard from you. If you would be so kind as to C4C, I just re-mixed alll of my demos on Saturday so things should be sounding more clear from my last demo.
First of all, I love the production quality on this! The drums sound great considering they're just EZDrummer (am I right?). Great energy from the very start and good riffs. Your transitions between sections are good but what I'd like to hear is you recycling some of your ideas a bit more. I get that it's prog metal and that it's meant to push on relentlessly which is an idea that you capture very well without being too idiomatically prog metal but I felt like hearing the first riff again or something would have been nice instead of a bunch of really nice riffs but only once. If you asked me to sing back a riff that you played in that, I'd be a little hard pushed on doing it which isn't to say I didn't enjoy it, I did but overall, it wasn't a very memorable song. I'd also watch out for clarity in your harmonies, particularly around 1:20.

If you don't mind, could you please give mine a listen and crit?

Thanks for the feedback, and yeah it's ezdrummer. I agree with your point about repetition of musical ideas, so I'll probably make the song a couple minutes longer by adding in some of the more prominent choruses and such to give the song more of a overall structure. This is a demo so the playing isn't 100%, I'm just trying to shape it into a final product.