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I bought a pre-wired pickguard at GFS with two chrome Humbuckers to put in a guitar (Which already had 1 humbucker in the bridge) but it wont fit, the screws to raise and lower the pickups is too long and sits about .50cm abovethe mounting holes. is there anyway I can fix this? maybe bend the metal and drill a new hole for it or will this damage the pickups?

Above is the picture of the problem the metal stand/piece that goes down. The body of the guitar is not deep enough for it to fit

Something I can do is remove the wood under the pickups its a really thin layer of wood separating the bridge springs from the electronics and other parts.
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Is it the screws or tab you circled in the pic?
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Quote by Explorerbuilder
Get a drill and drill into the body where the screws touch.


Or if the screws with your old pickups are the correct length you may be able to substitute them.
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Get shorter screws? You can probably find them in 5 minutes in your local hardward store.
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I'm sorry I wasn't that clear in the first post, I meant that metal bit gets in the way not the actual screws but I fixed it. I drilled 2 holes right next to each other and then moved the drill around a bit to connect them and it worked. Not the best way to do it but I figured since nobody is going to see it and it won't interfere with anything might as well do it.