Hello all.
I’m looking for some input on a wiring schematic for a hofner ‘style’ violin bass. I haven’t wired it together yet (still waiting for a part) but if any one can tell me if the schematic below will work, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’d like to mention, I really don’t know what I’m doing as far as understanding electronics, but I’m good at following diagrams.

I get allot of flack about this bass… it’s small, it’s hollowbodied, it’s got humbuckers, it’s got a stupid shape, the 60s are over, I’m not paul mccartney, etc… but I love the short scale, non-fender shape/sound and the general punchiness of the thing, so f*ck ‘em. Awhile back I added a PIEZO pickup with an on/off switch that mounts directly onto the floating bridge, it gives it a switchable acoustic bass twang that is pretty useful. The only trouble is that, depending on the amp, the high-treble from the piezo can be too scratchy and requires allot of amp EQing to be acceptable. I thought of wiring in a volume pot for the piezo but instead decided to rewire the rest of the guitar too. (besides: the Hofner bass wiring does not include a tone potentiometer for any of the pickups and I thought that would be kinda helpful.)

The bass has two humbucking pickups and the piezo pickup mentioned above. I am planning on having a separate volume control for each pickup (3) and one master tone control (1). I will leave the on/off switch installed for the piezo.

Take a look at the schematic and tell me if it will work… or if it will work “BUT.”