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Well, can anyone refer me any good ebook from which i can learn soloing and stuff, i wanna play lead guitar and any book focusing on electric guitar soloing would be awesome... plz help!
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I hear there's a place around here with a tonne of lessons on it... I think it was called "flawless guitar" or "complete guitar" or "impeccable guitar"... something like that anyway.

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Not sure if trolling...

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Quote by T00DEEPBLUE

This vid is a good place to start.

Yeah and when you're done if you want to get into shape that kid also has a workout video.

On a serious note (pun not intended) there are hundreds of great lessons on soloing on YouTube.
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>joins guitar community with many many lessons and tabs
>asks for someone to recommend an ebock for guitar

yeah, you get the point.....
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