Hi all, sorry for posting yet another thread regarding advice for a new amp but anyway.
Im after a new tube head as i feel the need to upgrade somewhat.

Budget - £250

Genre - Classic Rock, Mostly AC/DC but also cover a few other bands within the genre.

New/Used - Would probably prefer new new but there are bargains to be had on the 2nd hand market so I dont mind either way.

Home/Gig - Probably Leaning towards the Gig side, I'll just turn down and use a O/D pedal at home or use a half power switch if the ap has one.

Where - Im in Cornwall, UK

Current Gear- Gibson SG Standard, VHT Special 6 Head into Marshall 4x12.

Ive looked at the Marshall Class 5 but not sure if it has the volume and also the Orange Tiny Terror but not sure if i can get a good AC/DC tone out of one. Can anyone shed some light on which of these would be best suited to me or if infact theres something else out there to consider.

Jet City 20 is exactly what you want.
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