Hey, one question strikes my head again and again.

Every fret on every string is devoted to a certain note. So, in standard tuning EADGBE we have F and G on both low and high E strings on 1 and 3 frets.

Question is, having changed the tuning to some Drop A (AEADF#B), does one have to relearn the whole neck?
Personally whenever I play in drop tunings I just think of myself in standard (or drop D) even if the notes are off by a couple steps
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You're going to have to learn the neck one way or another. But scales are basically just patterns. An E scale in E Standard will be on the same frets as a C scale in C standard, and so on. Some relearning is required, but once you know the basic patterns for a scale, its pretty easy to achieve.
Hi there how do chords work when you change the tuning is it just a case finding the three notes for example a chord.