Not the perfect mixing (I put too much compressor on the cymbals). You can criticise as hard as you can, I won't go to my room's corner to cry and cut my veins. Second original song I recorded, I have some basis to the lyrics and I working on it.
Thanks for the feedback!

Good composition ideas and transitions, although I'd agree with the feedback on the soundcloud page that the last minute or so of the song doesn't really need to be there. Would be great to hear it with vocals but works great as in instrumental too for the most part. However it did take me a while to get to that point lol - you badly need to turn the cymbal volumes down, I could barely hear the rest of the track over them.
I like the riffs in this song very much, very good ideas. Lots of different styles in there. sort of strapping young lad, Architects (old architects) and the first part is sort of dream theater but with your own style too! Only critic would be the drums as the cymbals are too loud but other than that I enjoyed it!

If you're doing C4C