Hi I have an issue with a tuner on my guitar. They're standard steel-string machines with closed backs (Ibanez brand, if it makes a difference).

The basic problem is that it's not holding enough tension to tune the string to pitch. It's the D string. What SEEMS to be going on is the internal gears are not synchronizing in some way. I say that because I'm fairly certain nothing is stripped. No forceful tuning or otherwise strenuous treatment has been done to the guitar. It seems like something is not catching... on something else. Haha, I'm doing my best here!

Any help that can be offered would be awesome.
Make sure that it is stringed up proper. If it is, than the wrom gear mite be sriped a little bit. I would just replace the tuner other than dick around with it.
it takes an awful lot of hand twisting to get the string to tension, have you tried a string winder?
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are you sure the string isn't just slipping? if the post on the tuner is still going no matter what then youre set, just need a little more string. Otherwise just replace it.
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