Hey, just started working with my new side project (a three piece) and its kind of a completely different feel to the stuff i'm working on with my current band so I was hoping everyone could check it out and give us some feedback... I'm not 100% sure what genre this actually comes under so it should be fun, vocals to come in the future just thought we start with an instrumental. Thanks!

Pretty interesting blend, like your intuition for the layering and such but I felt like the guitar was more of a hindrance than anything in this piece IMO. The arpeggiated chords in the beginning didn't do much for me and felt more out of place than anything but otherwise, I think you have a good feel for transitions and how to string together a good sounding texture which is great!
It's good when you struggle to work out which genre something's in. I think this has elements of several genres.

Nice piece, relaxing. Making think of the Twin Peaks theme. I'd have this on rotation on the radio while playing GTA 4 (would fit the Self Actualization channel).

The guitar part is fine but I'd change a couple of things: move it slightly behind the beat instead of on top (or slightly before) to give a more relaxed feel. Also EQ it to a more mellow sound, i.e. just shave down the 7000 - 8000 Hz slightly.

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Thank you for the reviews! Now your tune: song starts out well (cool drums!). A bit odd that one (beginning) guitar sounds fairly echoey (good), and the other guitar is pretty dry: that is my only gripe of any significance (not a big deal). Otherwise, it sounds rather cool I think. My mind was waiting for Peter Gabriel vocals to start (this is a compliment, as I liked Peter Gabriel in the 80's a lot), but the song currently sounds quite good as is. Interesting ending. I would call this alternative music of some sort. Good job!