2 dates on a tombstone,
but they left out the one that's most important,
the money left in the bank account.

A life's worth summed up on paper,
judged by the amount of zeros you can see.

Work, work, work
that's what it's all about
love, love, love
is just a waste of time.
Respect is what we all want,
but just like my paycheck,
it's one thing I'll never see.

They all say "That boy's a washout,
so much talent gone to waste."
I'm sorry would a 4 year degree have been better?
Then I could work this shitty job with dignity?
That's the theory,
get you some edumacation,
and the world is your fucking oyster.

Drink, drink, drink
that's the workingman's solution
more, more, more
is what we all really want.
Lonely is one thing we all get,
but just like death and taxes,
it's one thing that never leaves.
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More of a stand up comics brainstorm than a song, but I like it, true and made me laugh although idk why
My apologies if I offend
i enjoy it but right now you seem almost apathetic. show me how bitter you are. i want to feel ugly too. are you speaking with the rabble of the world as the audience? or as your muse for the ick as you're laughing and spitting in a dark corner? because I hope it's the latter.
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