Hey, newby on here. I have a 1995 Tanglewood LP and the pickups on it aren't great and I was wondering weather it would be worth spending anything on new pickups to help the sound, any ideas?
This has beed said many, many times but: your amp has a much bigger effect of your tone than pickups. If you are sure you have a good enough quality amp, what kind of a sound are you after? Do you want high-power pickups or something more like humbucker-sized P90's? Look through Dimarzio's, Guitarfetish's and Seymour Duncan's websites for most suitable pickups for your type of music.
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Like diamanth said, the amp does carry a good portion of your overall tone. And for me the three greatest contributors to your sound are pickups, pre-amp (internal component of amplifier), and speakers. So pickups would be the cheapest way to get a better sound, but make sure they're running through a good set-up to be at their best.
Try some CTS no-load pots before doing pickup swaps. They're $6 apiece and will open up your sound quite a bit. The regular pots always dampen your sound some, even when turned up all the way. If you want your guitar to ring more, give it a shot. I just found out about them recently and it was "good bye" to dullness.
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