Hey guys, I was originally going to just ask about one of the problems that I'm having because I'm sure a few have been asked before, but I might as well spit 'em all out and see if anybody can answer any of them.. The guitar that I am talking about is a ESP LTD EC 1000 that was purchased this august. Ok so the first is a problem with the EMG 60 in the neck. Basically, sometimes it will cut out. The gain is gone, there is just a weak semi-distorted tone. The 81 is working perfectly, and the battery is new... Weird right? My second question is probably a common one but I am a noob at fixing guitars. I have fret buzz on every single string, pretty much every single fret. The problem is the worst on the low E string. I have tried adjusting the bridge, but that did nothing. Third problem is the high e string. Now this is weird because I just mentioned I'm getting fret buzz(the other strings seem loose), so the high e string seems way too tight. When I'm tuning it, it feels like I'm overwinding it, like it should be tuned... but nope, it's still not. This causes the string to be, as I said, way too tight. Then... on the first few frets it is all dzz(it's a weird sound ok?! xD) That seems to be it... There are no guitar fixer people(forget the word..) near me, so I'd like to try to fix it myself. Thanks for any and all help & happy helloween to all!
I'm no pro, but to me it sounds like the neck needs an adjustment which should not be performed unless you really know what ur doin. As for the pickup, sounds like a bad wire/connection to the pickup/switch.
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Sounds like the intonation and action and just totally pooched, with out the proper tools it will be pretty tricky to dial this one back in cause from what you have typed it sounds pretty bad. Best bet would be to head over to youtube and search out a few videos tutorials on setting your action and intonation, seeing as you are wishing to learn this is going to be your best bet plus they will describe all the tools and procedures you will need to very well. It will be a learning process but it is certainly a great thing for any guitar player to know.

Cant comment too much on your EMG issue but it sounds like it is going to be one of the multitude of wires for the power or output of the pickup. I don't work with EMGs too much.
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I'd guess that the EMG is a wiring issue, maybe a loose connection causing it to work intermittently. That or it's broken.

The buzz is either the action is too low, the neck is back bowed a little too much or a high fret (I doubt it's that). I don't think buzz is a problem if it is slight and doesn't come though the amp. If the first few frets are dead I think it's truss rod issue, I loosened the truss rod on my guitar a little too much the first 5 frets on every string were dead.

No idea about the tight high e.
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Thanks guys, I'll try to find somebody who can fix it. Does anyone know if the guys in a store like Sam Ash or George's know what they're doing or does it depend on location? Edit: I might go over to youtube and try to find a good tutorial
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