I am a relatively new guitarist, I've been playing 6 months and I've thoroughly enjoyed myself, I have picked up some skills though not as many as I'd like, I can play a couple of entire songs and a lot of riffs and parts to songs (I tend to lose interest in a song if I find it too hard, one of my failings, though I almost always come back to it when I have improved).
I have however, in the last month, been almost entirely static in my development, I haven't really learned anything that pushes me (new songs yes but new songs with similar chords) and I don't really know where I should go to next with my learning, do any of you have any advice or tips that I could use? I'm willing to work hard, I just don't know where to work at the moment, though I'd really like to improve me theory and understanding of the instrument (and improve me ear, I'd love to be able to stop using tabs entirely).
Hopefully I get some help here because I'm starting to get a little frustrated.
Hmmmm 6 months in.... theres a few forks in the road you could take..... all of them viable.... others will have their opinions...but I'll ask: do you know the pentatonic scale?

Dont worry too much about "no visible improvement"....its happening...just happening a bit slower then when you started 6 months ago...keep playing...and every few days/weeks/months you'll suddenly realise you've arrived at another level of development

And to other posters... the key thing here is the guy has been playing for 6 months... enough with the "simply learn the phrygian atonal chromatic triad chord progression theory" wankery...
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Yeah, I know the pentatonic scale, or at least I know how it works and can play it in different positions, I'm a little nervous to say I 'know' the scale because I can't really use it to improvise all that well. I've tried but I'm awful at it.

Are scales a good option then?
You'll obviously never improve as fast as you do at the start. Wait until you've been playing a couple of years, improvements are basically minimal but they're still happening.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
6 months = 1 year old baby in life

so you still have a long long way to go. how to improve ? = work hard, real real hard. always listen to music, play as much as you can. good guitar players play like 10 hours a day at least, keep that in mind.

in 4 or 5 years time, you'll know what music is all about, and you will have developed a style of your own. don't worry, every musician goes thru the same. eventually you'll come up with certain patterns to improve yourself.

for now, just keep working on the right hand technique, and learn as much chords as you can. learn and play songs. these will also help on grasping the concept of scales.
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Thanks for the vote of confidence, I'm definitely not going to stop playing, it never even crossed my mind.
I think the real problem I'm having is that I'm just playing the same old things over and over again, no real progressive thinking at all and so I'm stuck in this little rut.
I was also thinking about starting to really look at theory, is that something I should already have done/ would it be a good idea to start now? If so what would be the best method of doing that on the cheap/ for free?
At least for 12 months, you'll feel trapped - it's natural. But like i said, after a certain amount of time with the instrument, it'll be like -> even 2 or 3 notes will suffice for you to play a huge solo!

So it takes time, you ought to be patient.

And yes, learn new songs, as much as you can. Really important to swim and move forward inside music.

Oh and i almost forgot, the most important thing is - > DEVELOP A DECENT SENSE OF RHYTHM. at times, you should leave the backing tracks, or songs that you've been playing whatever, leave the computer. Just plug in to the amp and move your body, or you know, tap your foot. Try to play chords and little solos, in-beat. Just improvise! always try different timings. This is probably the most important exercise. Beside that, always work with the metronome - ALWAYS.

About theories, don't start to confuse yourself right away, first make sure you're 100% done with the basics. Some things you will learn -> with time, and it's the way it should be.

good luck.