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I have been recording my own work for about 4 years now and I am looking to finally share some of my music with an audience. I was wondering how many out there have been successful in getting a large group of people to check out there stuff? And what avenues I should utilize in order to garner a following. Your help will be very much appreciated. As of now, I have put some songs on soundcloud and made a musicians profile on facebook. Any other suggestions?

The soundcloud is and the facebook is if you are interested in checking out my stuff!
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Seems to me you're a little too old to be posting in the New Members Q&A Forum. Wouldn't this post be better suited over in one of the Recording subsections?
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bad music, sorry. (not talking about sound quality)

you should work more, especially on the technique. your vibratos are awful, you have no accent. and musically you need to improve as well.

good luck.