I have been recording my own work for about 4 years now and I am looking to finally share some of my music with an audience. I was wondering how many out there have been successful in getting a large group of people to check out there stuff? And what avenues I should utilize in order to garner a following. Your help will be very much appreciated. As of now, I have put some songs on soundcloud and made a musicians profile on facebook. Any other suggestions?

The soundcloud is http://soundcloud.com/zakkusz and the facebook is www.facebook.com/zakkuszmusician if you are interested in checking out my stuff!
Be prepared to work hard! The important thing to do is to differentiate between two kinds of followings.
1. The diehard fan. 2. The avarage listener.

If you take shortcuts, pay for lots of advertisement and so on you're going to get a lot of category 2. If you want to get the category 1 fans you'll have to work your ass off. It's all about connecting with people. What I did to get started was to simply go on youtube and search for songs by bands we sounded similar to. I went through comments and when I found a positive one I'd type that person a message by hand and ask them about things I noticed they were interested in which I was also interested in. It was genuinly really fun to write to these people since you knew they liked the same things you did. Then I'd ask them politely to listen to my music, and many did. In a matter of weeks those people had hooked me up with reviewers, internet radio stations and even the artwork artist of my favourite band gave me a call and asked if he could design our artwork for the next EP. Via him we got distribution in the United States as well. Not bad for having 400 listens and 30 likes on facebook? :P So this is what I think: don't focus on making it big or getting the most fans on internet communities. It doesn't mean anything. Focus on making musical friends across the world and you'll have a blast and get a lot of help.