Hey guys, here's a demo from my band 'Centurion':

The track is currently an instrumental as we don't have a vocalist.
Any feedback or constructive criticism on the writing and/or production of the track would be greatly appreciated, I will try my best to return crits if you post a link.

Thanks in advance, and if you like what you hear please check out the other tracks on my soundcloud channel, we have 7 or so song demos up.
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Check out the Soundcloud of my band CENTURION - based in South London and currently looking for a singer + bassist!
Hey man, listening now.

Diggin' the "brown sound" you've got going... are you running a variac like EVH did on his first album?

Introduction is good, reminds me of Crack the Skye-era Mastadon, particularly the distorted guitar riffs and the clean guitar in the background. The next part is a bit more frenetic and catches my attention more. Would be nicer if you mixed the instrument playing the color notes during the parts around 1:48 higher in the mix so I could hear the more colorful parts of the harmonies.

Next part of the song is pretty cool, can't really put my finger on what it reminds me of. Good riffage abound though, I almost feel like you could probably turn this song into two songs but what fun is that? Rush would probably agree with me there... The Fountain of Lamneth is 5 songs in one 19 minute track.

Song calms down a bit. Digging the extended harmonies present once it picks back up again around 4:20. OH, a guitar solo. Good use of contrast and various articulation techniques to create an interesting solo, long enough to stretch out but just long enough to remain tasteful. The clean bit that follows is appropriate, and I like the guitar tone quite a bit as well as the harmonies. I personally might have attacked the picking pattern a little differently, but the harmonies are really what matters and those were good.

Overall, good song man. I would like to hear it with the vocals, but I understand that dilemma all too well.

If you would C4C, my demos are linked up in my sig. All are complete demos except Out on the Breaks, which is instrumental. Thanks.
I've gotta say, this track is pretty awesome. I love the contrast in styles you have throughout. The first section reminds me a lot of Mastodon, the faster sections have a Shadows Fall or Killswitch Engage-ish metalcore vibe (especially the part at 4:00, not to mention the part later on that basically sounds like My Curse), and the slower section have a little Gojira in them, if I'm not mistaken. All of the sections transition nicely, and even though you cover a lot of styles here, nothing seemed out-of-place. Also, that riff coming in around the 5:50 mark works really well in context.

I thought your mix was really solid throughout. A couple suggestions: some of the overdubbed parts, including the bass thing at 3:45, the solo, and the clean guitar coming back at the end sit too high in the mix. Just lowering the volumes will make them blend in with the rest of the song and feel more cohesive. I'd also consider lowering the kick drum's levels throughout, since it felt a little too present through my headphones.

As for the composition, the only thing it's lacking is some sort of melody. It seems designed to allow for vocals, which would be ideal, but I think some guitar melodies could also work over it if you go the instrumental route.

Anyways, awesome job overall! If you'd like to C4C, I'd definitely appreciate it.
Nice build, then kicks your door down at 2:00. Riff at 3 minutes is good with the tail on harmony guitars. This is pretty complex stuff so it'll need a few listens. Parts around 4 minutes sound like there's space for vocals, so I look forward to hearing them one day. Choc-full of good ideas and riffs. I particularly like the rhythm guitar part that starts around the 6 minute mark.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1571402
I'm going to type this as I listen.

The intro is pretty awesome, doesn't feel like it drags on like most the stuff I do with intros.
I think that once the drums kick in the guitar tone feels a bit lacking.....Like the tone is there but it's too unfocused. Maybe it is panned too wide.

The transfer around 1:24 sound a little forced and also when the riff repeats. But it reminds me of Mastodon like mentioned before.

The part that comes after the verse? seems like a forced transfer as well. Could be smoothed out a bit to make it feel more flowing; unless that was what you were going for. The drums would help this a lot better than changing the guitars.

3:28 would seem awesome would a repeated chant over it and that continues over the following riff.
something such as the name of the song or something.

The solo is pretty good, fitting with the song. Your vibrato sounds unsure, Thats the best way I can describe it, it distracts from the solid feel of the solo.

5:09 doesn't seem to come naturally, the fade in didn't seem to be in time.

The clean part over the ending verse seems a little too loud.

Over all ,a very solid track.
It just needs to have the drums reworked to get some part to flow together better.

Also, I've seen like 30 bands called Centurion.........The name is a bit unimaginative

Here is my lame track you can rip apart if you'd like.
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i dig the tone a lot, this really needs some vox, the harmonies with the guitars are sweet too, i just think the drums are a tad bit too high in the mix particularly the cymbals but other than that u got a solid mix ima bit jelly on how big ur guitars sounds :p C4C? im new to mixing myself so let me know what you think!
This tracks seems to me like a combination of Crack the Skye and and August Burns Red Song.

I'm really liking the riffage and that intro is perfect. I just wish it didn't go into that transition at 1:22 and was expanded and drawn out a little more.

I absolutley love the song post 2:31 (expect for the breakdown, but then agn, I've never been a fan of breakdowns so don't take my word for it)

Overall this is a very good song. Good job and I hope you guys get an EP out soon !

C4C ?