The other day I found an unloved RG27SP at the local cash converters for 250 of our monies. Anyway, I offered $210 and they accepted. It needed a good clean and polish, and the obligatory set of strings. So after 2 hours of piss farting around with the floyd, which is my first btw, it stayed in tune long enough to get an idea of how she handles. And that is pretty bloody well. It didnt come with a trem bar, but a spare 6mm one I had been given years ago fitted nicely. The only problem I have, other than the strings stretching out still and going out of tune, is that there is no retainer to hold the trem bar in place. Ive been told that it should have a grub screw or something similar but it just has a thread around the outside of the post in which the arm is inserted into. I assume there is meant to be a nut of some sort to lock it down. The guitar has 24 frets, a wizard 2 neck and a lo trs 2 trem. Im quite happy and for 210 bux, I think Ive landed a beauty.

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Happy new guitar day!
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Not a bad idea. Do any of you know how the trem arm is retained in a LO TRS 2?