I want to form a band as I can't really find a band which I would like to join. I would like to leave my local area, as I don't really like it. I was requested into a few bands, but all of them sucked (the first one wasn't too serious with arrogant people, the second one was a skinhead band with racist lyrics, but my friend took the position with almost no knowledge how to play the guitar), also I have a lot of other issues with it in general. I'm more a city person than small town one. My riffs could be labelled as Progressive Melodic Death Metal (At the Gates/In Flames/Arch Enemy/Soilwork like riffs, with complex rhythms, and Opeth-like acoustic/clean inserts, alongside with elements from standard Progressive Metal (Dream Theater, Symphony-X, etc) and some Djent, also I like old Progressive Rock bands), alrought I would open for other genres if it needed. Sometimes I even play jazz but I still want a heavier band.

- How should I look for potential members? Would it be good if I try to make friends at concerts? What about forums?
- There's a lot of people out who playing on an instrument but having problems in their technique and/or only listening more mainstream bands like Asking Alexandria, BVB. I remember when I got into metal music first I listened Nu Metal bands mostly (but I only remeber to Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Evanescene, still listening them occassionally), later I got into it deeper throught my syster's then boyfriend. Can I get someone to get deeper into metal genre and/or fix their playing style, or should I just look for an another person? (I don't want to force anyone if they don't want)
- How much leadership is healthy? I thinking on taking it, but I don't want to be a dictator.
I suggest you put up flyers at your local guitar/music shop or go to a website like Kijiji and put up a post. Don;t settle for less, get the right people
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