i'm leaning towards the HSS Select series. budget top end is arpound 2000$ has anyone else owned one? wondering how they are after purchase.

Played 2 of them today didn't find a crazy difference between a regular deluxe and the select but there was a difference. not sure if it was 1000 more anyways here are my choices that i'm thinking.

http://www.fender.com/en-CA/products/fsr-american-standard-lipstick-strat for around $1300

http://www.fender.com/en-CA/products/select/fender-select-stratocaster-hss for sure $1850 with case

and an american deluxe with or with out N3 i htink they'll hit around $900

wanted a strat for a while and there's a sale on any advice at all would be nice if you've played these and have insight.

TLDR; have you played these and can you give me some insight i've played 2 not the lipstick the store was closing.
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I think if you're dropping 2K on a guitar you're going to have to come up with a better excuse than "the store was closing" as to why you didn't spend a ton of time playing these guitars until one stood out.

Personally I didn't find that the Selects were a good value. They seem like a slight upgrade on the USA strat with a pretty figured top for a ton more money. Lipstick pickups are kind of a niche thing, you have to decide if you like those yourself. So basically of those I'd just get the Deluxe since it's the most proper, straightforward strat of the bunch and I've liked all the Deluxes I've played.
pretty much that's why i didn't buy it.

I'm planning on going back tomorrow but really was hoping someone owning a select could ell me their thoughts although to be completely honest i was thinking exactly what your saying anyways.
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Even if you think you have your mind made up now, you should still spend alot of time playing them tomarrow. 2000 dollars is alot of money.
And there are other really good "Strats" out there for that kind of money- from makers like Godin, G&L, Carvin, or US Masters- which may suit you even better than a Fender.
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All very good points I'm going back soon thanks a lot every one. If anything developes I'll let you know.
song stuck in my head today