This is the first song i ever wrote with my vocals so i hope you like it. the lyrics are below the verses were wrote by marcie, chorus was mine.



Verse 1:
The faces my friends make when I say your name
It makes me feel so ashamed that I never want to say it again
Regret fills my mind whenever I think of you
Your eyes, your smile, your warm laughter
Oh how I wish I could forget about you!

Chorus 1:
To hold you,
is all I want to do,

Verse 2:
I stand silent, and watch as tears fill her eyes
She says to me, “There’s something you should know,”
And the stories I hear, can they be true?
Doubt fills my soul, And here I thought I knew you
But their words come back even louder
Drowning out my only heart’s desire

Chorus 2:
To hold you,
is all I want to do,

*Interlude or whatever*

Chorus 3:
To hold you,
is all I want to do,
Thanks, Yes i agree with my singing im new to it so ill definitly work on it.
I recorded guitars/bass with my old RP50 pedal into a Delta 1010LT soundcard. Vocals with a CAD Mic and the drums were EZdrummer.
hey man,

Just want to say I've listened to alot of styles on this site but its nice to hear this style everynow n then I like the vibe that this track is letting out, in the beginning I thought the drums were alittle off but as I listened again it was fine anyway I liked your vocals, reminds me of Interpol actually this whole track does. but nice job here = ) btw was the "EZ drummer you used free?

n if you would
"its not the destination.... so much as the journey" one once said
70s glam rock beat in there I think. Good, strong progression riff to start with. Good sound overall.

"Interlude or whatever" - like that!

Something odd with the timing in the intro (guitar ahead of the beat slightly). The vocals just need bringing out a bit more; up the volume and perhaps EQ the lows if they become too boomy. I think this would make the chorus harmonies work better. I can hear a potentially very good song, slightly buried at the moment.

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