I like palm muted, chuggy riffs like some Metallica, but especially with some syncopation (heading towards djent without the 8 string downtuning). Can anyone recommend some sheet music or lesson material to help me improve on my syncopation and riffing in general? I feel like I am just playing the same stuff over and over and would appreciate exercises which would expand my 'vocabulary' of little riff bits.
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Cloudkicker is bloody amazing. How in the hell are you supposed to play (and compose) stuff like that?
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Cloudkicker is bloody amazing. How in the hell are you supposed to play (and compose) stuff like that?

If I remember correctly that song is one of the easiest Cloudkicker songs to play. Have a look at the tab, it's not that technical per se; the hardest thing is getting the rhythm right.
Well, first of all, learn your minor scales all over the neck. Most of what he writes is very very simple in terms of note choice.

Most of the riffs are just what I call "addition" riffs, ie, the ending grows a little each time or follows a sequence like

B + C
B + C + D

or something like that.

eg, check this riff out -

Theres a good tab on UG for it if you've got a drop B guitar handy.

Most of his stuff "grows", ie, it almost always gets longer when variations arrive. Apply these concepts and you'll start getting results pretty quickly. Knowing how to do the drums to the stuff is a different matter.

Some of his stuff is much trickier but that should be more than enough to get you started. I did a bunch of covers -


and the tabs are in the video description with approximately correct time sigs.

What do you understand about rhythm notation?

Also, all his music is available for pay what you want at his bandcamp.

Oh, and I did the UG interview with him too.

So not a massive fanboy. >.>
Thanks a lot for the tips! The first gallop vid was interesting but a bit too djenty for my tastes, but cloudkicker really pushes my buttons! I guess I like the syncopation and odd meters and lengths. I am ok at reading notation, I've been playing drums for a few years and have learned mostly by working through exercises which are just loads of combos and permutations of patterns. I think this approach suits my brain really well (knowing and working with patterns, rather than hearing riffs in your head and playing after that). Unfortunately I dont really know how to do this well on guitar yet. Are there any books which would list this kind of thing? Knowing the different kinds of basic patterns and how they loop and grow is exactly the kind of thing I want to work on now. When I listen to cloudkicker though its all just a mess I can't quite figure out. I suppose thats a big reason why I like it

I have had a few ideas about trying to play/program some beats and riffs into a computer and chop em up and rearrange a bit to help break out of the 4/4 mentality, then learn how to play it again. Ever try something like that?
I suppose if you go for something like stripped raped and strangled by cannibal corpse you get some chugging techniques in there

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