So I just wrote an article/list/thing on my 10 favorite cool/unique electric guitars and I'm looking for some opinions on the axes I chose, maybe you guys could be so kind to throw in your 2 cents here?

Check it out at this link: Top 10 Cool Electric Guitars

Is it a good list, bad list, terrible list? Any cool guitars I missed that should *definitely* have been included? Let me know!

(For the record, I know buying an electric guitar online isn't a great idea but I only picked guitars that you can actually order online, since I don't really dig all those "Coolest X" lists where they're just concepts and designs that are pretty much just eye candy and not terribly useful to anyone)

EDIT: Okay new direction. It's a terrible list, got it. Next mission: can you help me make it better? What is *your* coolest/dream guitar?
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What defines a guitar as being 'cool'?

Oh and the Gibson Explorer is the only cool guitar there. Your list sucks.
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What defines a guitar as being 'cool'?

Oh and the Gibson Explorer is the only cool guitar there. Your list sucks.

I thought you were unnecessarily harsh...

Then I saw the list. Guy, your taste in guitars sucks.
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Thanks for the responses so far. You've been a wonderful audience lol... So I gotcha on the 'it sucks' bit, but no one has suggestions?
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What defines a guitar as being 'cool'?

Oh and the Gibson Explorer is the only cool guitar there. Your list sucks.

I agree. Them B.C.Rich's are too garish for me. I understand that their tone might be perfect for certain styles but in my opinion they just look a bit over the top. But I always say that I'd play a pink Encore if it had the tone I wanted and each to their own in any case.

But that speedster is blasphemous and should be stoned in a public place.

My list would include;

Gibson Les Paul, if someone has a 59' Burst, triple points.
AM Standard Strat.
AM Standard Tele.
Ibanez Jem 7V.
Fender Jaguar.
Gibson SG.
Gibson Explorer
PRS Custom 22

That'll do.
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There isn't a single guitar on that list I'd even think about playing.
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@Mephaphil, you're saving my ass here, man, thanks for the tips. I'm replacing that Dean ASAP. I don't know what I was thinking there tbh. The others, I'm not ashamed of, but I'll take a look at some more suggestions from everyone here before deciding whether to switch out some more.
If James Hetfield had a Sig Explorer with Gibson it would have replaced number 3.
That list reeks of fanboy.

EDIT: You mentioned that you don't like the idea of buying a guitar online.
Does that mean you plan on buying a guitar and are looking for opinions to send you in a particular direction?
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I really didn't think the list could be that bad. It was. I own several guitars and I can safely say that none of the ones on your list are on my wall. Dude... those guitars are absolutely hideous - they're really bad.

But, you know what? Fortunately for you, this is National Subjectivity Day. All that means is, taste is subjective and everyone has their own opinion. Personally, I think the guitars in the equipment list on my profile are cool. Perhaps you don't.
Strangely, you left out what I consider easily the coolest of the BC Rich guitar designs: the Classic Eagle Deluxe and Mockingbird body styles. The rest of BC Rich's body designs are just awful.
as fas as looks are concerned they're great...unfortunately guitars are made to be played. i have acoustics on my wall that are cooler and much more(importantly) playable than 7 out of 10 on your list. coolest picture in my mind would be Cool hand Luke holding a '57 goldtop yet, not 1 Les paul on your list...that guitar is the epitome of cool( yeah you had the epi but the gibby bulls eye is much cooler), Syn gates' guitar is cool and the explorer will always be cool.
playability will always be the coolest part of a guitar
I don't know, man...looks like you just made a list of the craziest designs you could find. I think the Explorer is the only one on there I'd actually consider buying.
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