Anyone familiar with the Seagull guitar lineup?? my son just purchased the S6 cw maple back and sides and i believe a spruce top. How does it measure up with the 'big guns' when it comes to strumming country/bluegrass tunes? i see there are upper models with solid rosewood back and sides-what's a good upper model for this type of music as well? thanks folks for any info. can't wait to strum my son's seagull.
The guy who taught me how to play guitar had one for awhile. It actually had a nice tone. We worked on country and classic rock, while he had that guitar.

While not a Seagull, Taylor makes some nice acoustic guitars. I have three of them here. My 314CE sees a lot of lap time playing country and jazz. Taylors have a unique tone - they're not muddy sounding.
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....[ ]..... can't wait to strum my son's seagull.
Hm, this sounds like a parody of buying Victoria's Secret lingerie as, a "present for the missus"..
I have 3 Seagulls of my own, and I absolutely LOVE them. For the price, they are the best quality. You can get a top-of-the-line Seagull for about $700, and it will most likely be better than some Corts or even some Collings. Seagulls have great tone, and look fantastic. And they are all handmade in Quebec, Canada, so the quality of the wood is superb. Being from Quebec, they have a special place in my heart, and they are great for anybody.
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huh... i've never seen a spruce/maple seagull s6. was it one of these?

Looks to me like it would be a performer series, not an S6.

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it's most likely the s6 coastline.
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