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I'm a fan of Kustom, but my first thought was .. eh.. $300 cab.. it's probably junk.

However, The double cross wasn't a bad lineup from them. This particular cab seems to feature birch plywood (as opposed to cheaper cabs using MDF), and Celestion vintage 30s. At the very least, you'd be getting the speakers at discount.

Then again, like ihartfood mentioned... Why buy something you don't need?
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If I had the room, I'd buy it. Sick deal on a V30 loaded cab.
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that's about how much 4 used v30s costs. not a bad deal at all.

take the speakers out and use the cab for a table.
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Quote by AcousticMirror
that's about how much 4 used v30s costs. not a bad deal at all.

take the speakers out and use the cab for a table.

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Yep, mi cats got crazy with the box of my cab!!

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They don't have any more. as soon as this thread started the last one was bought. But they do have a used straight front one for $239
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I love buying dealsssss
But really if I needed a cabinet I would buy it(butt been buying stuff lately that I never used yet}..........JT