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I have a B52 ST-100A tube amp, and I'm looking to get a new cab (mine is poop). If my price range is approx. $1,000 what would be the best cab I could get?
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I just saw posted in another thread, the Kustom DC 4x12 cab for $239 used on music123.
This cab has celestion V30 speakers that would cost more than that.
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should probably use that 1k on a new amp.
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should probably use that 1k on a new amp.

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should probably use that 1k on a new amp.

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i mean a good cab is something to be cherished for a long time but really dude? redistribute those funds. amp needs an up. thats like putting whipped cream on a hot dog.

any ways, port city makes good stuff. what type of music do you play?
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