First up, this track has some really killer guitar sills evident so nice stuff in that regard. Overall the piece fused together well and the transition to the heavier stuff at around 2:40 was quite smooth, the only thing that I believe let the song down was the semi-predictable rhyming scheme of the lyrics. All in all however it was a sweet track nice work!
Wow great song, love the melodys and tones, very juicy. Like how it gets heavier as it goes along, not much to crit cause I liked it. Great job. btw the piano what did you use for that?
I didn't really like the tone of the lead guitar in the beginning, but I did enjoy the background noises. Once the clean guitar kicks in things start to get better. I still don't like the tone of the lead guitar, but that is just my preference. The chord progression is almost dance-y but maybe its the vocals or something that prevents the song from having a dance feel.
The bridge thingy at 2:05 was pretty nice and kind of spacey. I didn't like the random drum fills you had in there though, they kind of took away from the atmosphere. Once the lead kicked back in at around 2:35 it sort of ruined the mood imo. It goes from an almost indie-like chill melodic section to a cheesy sounding metal section.
None of the lyrics particularly stood out to me personally. Like one of the guys said above they were kind of predictable at times.

With that said, this song isn't really "bad" per say, but far from what I enjoy. Too much of this is just cheesy to me and a tad trite. I think metal-rock wise there is nothing wrong with this with other songs from the genre, its just not my cup of tea.
Hey bro,

Nice tune here, you've added some interesting dyamics to this, the wah sounded pretty awesome n the drums n rhythm section stayed in tact. I like some ideas you had in the middle of the song = ) just before u kicked it up with the guitar, as far as the vocals If I could combine two artist's this reminded me of I would have to say The killers. and Radio head = ) nice and also good to hear songs with a solo. I havent been hearing alot of those lately just all vocals

Also I Iliked the sound of the recording, it sounds proffesional n another thing I like is it seems as tho the volume of the "Band" and your "Vocals" blended in nicely not one is too louder then the other they seem to have that balance you know

anyway great job here (i listened to this like 6 times in the past half hour = )

keep playing
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I like it man. I started this track and stood up to work a DVD Duplicator and started swaying side to side with a smile on my face. Awesome feelings on the start up. The solo rips something fierce! I'd say this is well-produced. The vocals feel a tad bit strange on the EQ though, but I'm not expert enough in that area to tell you what band I feel is off.

The solo at 2:35 is a bit loud, but I don't think it's a problem. It actually hit me in a way that seemed natural and prominent. Out of place, but in place at the same time. Hmm?

The last solo before the vocals had so much reverb or delay that I couldn't appreciate the individual notes, but if that's what you intended then I dig it!

My only gripe was the ending was a bit abrupt. I was looking for a more satisfying resolve. Not necessarily a ring out, just maybe another note or a synth or just an echo of the crazy that we just experienced.

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Nice song The guitar tone is awesome, especially the lead guitar tone. You've got a lot of nice guitar licks there. I like the solo at 3:30 the most. Recording quality and the mix are also good, although I would bring the bass up, because I sometimes got the impression like it wasn't there.

The vocal is good too, you've got nice voice, but I would put at some places more power, energy there. I mean something like "Don't stop me now" by Queen. Generally this song kinda reminds me of Queen and Joe Satriani Keep up the good work.
yeah man like others have said, the guitar licks are really nice. the recording quality is surprisingly impressive to but id recommend maybe messing around with the bassline. not necessarily turning the volume up but spicing it up and changing some of the riffs.
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I like the guitar rhythm riff at 0:50. The vocals sound good (singing/melodies/audio). The guitar tones are all rather good. I like most of the guitar playing. Overall audio quality is quite good. Lead wah guitar sounds cool at 3:40. Drums are good. Nice recording overall. Please review my music at this link: